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3-On-A-Page Business Checks

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General Disbursement Checks

Code: FS

This general disbursement check is similar in design to many bank checks and is ideal for small business use.

Code: S

A popular general disbursement check designed for business.

Code: SSM

This popular general disbursement check doubles as a self-mailer, saving you time. (Envelope PWE or BWE.)

Code: SI

This spacious check is preferred by those who often pay several invoices with a single check. Provision for discounts that may apply is included.

Payroll / Multi-Purpose Checks

Code: FSP

This popular bank style check can be used for either payroll or general disbursement. It features a detachable stub for employee payroll.

Code: 950

This multi-purpose check features a detachable stub for the employee when used as a payroll check.

Code: SP

With the advantage of both a convenient payroll and disbursement stub, this check is perfect for small businesses who need one simple, easy-to-use check writing system.

Code: 950NB

This check has been adapted to offer you all the advantages of the 950 Check - without the invoice box.

Code: SPSM

This Self-Mailer Check offers you the advantage of both a payroll/disbursement stub and the convenience of a self-mailer. (Envelope PWE)

Code: 950 SM

This multi-purpose check offers plenty of options for payroll, plus has the convenience of a self mailer. (Envelope PWE)

Code: SDP

This style is designed with the convenience of double payroll stubs for employer and employee use.

Code: IPC

This check is similar to the 950, yet uses different deduction codes on the payroll stub.


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